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PO Box 206
Cleveland, WI 53015
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We are a small artisan Wisconsin Cheese Factory employing people who are passionate about Cheese. Not just any cheese, but award-winning cheeses made with quality ingredients. Our Cheesemakers combine traditional methods of artisan cheese making with years of experience to ensure that each wheel of cheese is crafted to perfection.

Our labor of love for cheese begins soon as the milk is delivered. The milk is delivered fresh daily and enters our open vats. The curds are gently stirred and pressed into cheese molds. The pressed cheese wheels enter our brine tanks where they are left to bathe in a temperature-controlled salt brine. After brining they begin the next journey -- the aging. This is where the character of each cheese is developed and unique flavors are born. We hand paint each wheel with a paracoating that protects the integrity of the cheese. The wheels then are placed in open-air aging rooms that are carefully monitored for temperature and humidity.

Our unique cheesemaking methods combined with traditions lend to the rich flavors that you will come to love from our Saxon Family of award-winning cheeses. We hope you can taste the passion with every piece you share with your family and friends.




Group Cheeses By:  

+ Alpine-Style Award-Winning Cheese
+ Asiago Award-Winning Cheese
+ Butterkase Award-Winning Cheese
+ Cheddar Award-Winning Cheese
+ Gouda Award-Winning Cheese


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Lisa Hall
855 Hickory St
PO Box #206
Cleveland, WI 53015
Phone: 920-693-8500
Fax: 920-693-8400
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