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South Wayne, WI 53587
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Valley View Cheese Coop was established over 100 years ago and is still in business today at the same location. The current cheesemaker, Hans Lehner, has been in business since 1979. Hans learned the cheesemaking art from his father, Billi, a Swiss immigrant. Together they went on to win numerous awards at the state, national and international level, including being U.S. and World Champions. We specialize in high-quality, very tasteful cheeses. Two of our cheesemakers have won the coveted H.P. Mulloy Award, a top award. We are proud to announce the addition of a 3rd generation cheesemaker--our son Hansi Lehner Jr., who has also won awards at the U.S. Championship.

We are still winning major awards and making high-quality cheeses. We are always open to new ideas. We can custom-make many varieties with many different flavors. The possibilities are endless.




Group Cheeses By:  

+ Butterkase Award-Winning Cheese
+ Farmer's Award-Winning Cheese
+ Havarti Award-Winning Cheese
+ Muenster Award-Winning Cheese
+ Pizza Cheese
+ Queso Quesadilla Award-Winning Cheese


  • Conversion/Cut & Wrap for OTHER companies
  • Custom Manufacturing/Packaging Capabilities
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Private Label

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Denise Lehner
6519 Larson Rd.
South Wayne, WI 53587
Phone: 608-439-5569
Fax: 608-439-5606
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