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Klondike Cheese Company is a fourth-generation family-owned business that has been manufacturing cheese since 1925. Nestled in southern Wisconsin, we manufacture Feta, Brick, Muenster and Havarti cheeses in a variety of bulk, chunk and crumble styles, all available in Foodservice and Retail packaging under the Odyssey, Swisconsin and Private label brands. Award-winning Klondike quality has been recognized at both global and local competitions. At the 2016 World Cheese Championship Dill Havarti took a 1st place. Our 2015 1st place awards include: American Cheese Society-Peppercorn Feta and Plain Greek Yogurt; U.S. Championship Cheese Contest-Mediterranean Herb, Low Fat Feta and Plain Greek Yogurt; and Wisconsin State Fair-Traditional Feta and Reduced Fat Mediterranean Herb Feta.

Klondike Cheese also set sail on a new Odyssey of producing an authentic Greek yogurt recipe. Our state-of-the-art facility produces a thick and creamy Greek Yogurt that can satisfy your taste buds with a feel-good, healthy snack. Our delicious fruit flavors currently include Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach, Vanilla, Black Cherry, and Plain. Our newest additions to the family of flavors for 2016 are Pomegranate Acai and Mango. Odyssey Greek Yogurt is available in Industrial, Foodservice and Retail sizes. From our delicious Odyssey Greek Yogurt, we also have a brand of Greek Yogurt Dips and Reduced Fat Sour Cream. These are great products to use as substitutes for mayonnaise on sandwiches.




Group Cheeses By:  

+ Brick Award-Winning Cheese
+ Cheese Spreads
+ Feta Award-Winning Cheese
+ Havarti Award-Winning Cheese
+ Muenster Award-Winning Cheese

Fluid Products:

+ Dairy Dips
+ Sour Cream
+ Yogurt (not frozen)


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  • Custom Manufacturing/Packaging Capabilities
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • Private Label

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Luke Buholzer
W7839 Hwy 81
Monroe, WI 53566
Phone: 608-325-3021
Fax: 608-325-3027
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