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Pasture Pride specializes in a full line of baked, organic and rBGH-free cheeses. We are located in the rolling hills and tranquil beauty of the Kickapoo River Valley of Southwest Wisconsin. The milk we use in the manufacturing of our cheese comes from small family farms whose cows are out on pasture.

We are home to the "Juusto" cheese." Our newest variety of Juusto is our Juusto with Bacon Crumbles. This Juusto with all it's smokey goodness joins the other family members of our Juusto line which includes: traditional Juusto, Juusto with Chipotle Peppers, Juusto with Jalapeno Peppers, Italiano Juusto and Guusto - made with Goat's milk.

Pasture Pride also offers another unique baked cheese. Our cheese makers have created our very own "Oven Baked Cheese." This patented line of baked cheeses differs from our Juustos in that they include a layer of either full-flavored Cheddar, Aged Goat Cheese or Parmesan inside a pocket of traditional Juusto to create a taste cascade of flavor.

For more Information please contact: Mary Bess Michaletz at 612-963-2440.




Group Cheeses By:  

+ Asadero
+ Brick Award-Winning Cheese
+ Cheddar
+ Cheese Blends (excl. Colby-Monterey Jack)
+ Cheese Curds
+ Colby
+ Colby-Monterey Jack
+ Juustoleipa (Bread Cheese) Award-Winning Cheese
+ Monterey Jack
+ Muenster

Dairy Ingredients:

+ Whey Ingredients


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  • Custom Manufacturing/Packaging Capabilities
  • Organic
  • Private Label

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