Fontinella Cheese is a cow milk cheese and should not be confused with the Italian-made fontina cheese, which is a creamy semi-hard cheese. Fontinella, though sounding Italian, is actually made in North America, and has been produced for roughly a century. Fontinella is distinctively sweet and creamy smooth, with just a hint of sharpness, and melts beautifully.


White in color.


It is a semi-hard cheese that has a creamy smooth texture.


Has a tangy flavor derived from several months of aging.

Serving Suggestions

You can use Fontinella® in a variety of ways. Its tangy flavor makes it excellent served just as is, or paired with other cheeses and fruits on a cheese plate. It can add spice and flavor as part of the mix of cheeses that top a pizza, or you can grate or cube it for delicious chef salads. It makes a good substitute for parmesan, asiago, and romano cheese, and can easily be used in place of these cheeses over pasta or to top minestrone soup. Cheese Sandwiches or panini (grilled sandwiches) can be excellent in taste with Fontinella® cheese. Try a thin slice or two with grilled veggies or to compliment sweet ham. Alternately, grate a bit of the cheese over bruschetta for delicious flavor. You can also add it to omelets or quiche to give sharp tanginess to these. As expected with whole milk cheese, calorie content is not exactly low. A one-ounce (28.35 g) serving has 110 calories. It also contains a whopping 28% of the US recommended daily allowance of saturated fat, and is fairly high in sodium. In moderation, though, Fontinella®: cheese can be an excellent addition to many meals. You'll find the cheese at many large grocery stores, and delis, or you can order it from quite a few Internet companies

Goes Well With

Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, fruit,crackers, grilled vegetables


Usually sold in half pound to pound increments.