Inspired by traditional Italian farmstead cheese, BellaVitano is a rich, creamy style with a nutty, fruity flavor with caramel and pineapple overtones. The flavor begins in the mouth like a premium parmesan and finishes with hints of melted butter. The texture combines the creaminess of a young cheddar with the savory, crystalline crunch of a premium aged parmesan.


Smooth, pale yellow


Rich and creamy with an appealing crunch that comes with premium aging.


A great, cravable taste reminiscent of an aged, premium cheddar balanced by a full flavored parmesan; a versatile flavor with excellent melting characteristics and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

Serving Suggestions

Use it to turn family favorites like Mac & Cheese, French Onion Soup, Cobb Salad and more into something special with the powerful appeal of BellaVitano® cheese.

Goes Well With

Partner with green olives and lightly salted pistachios. Savor with sweet biscuits and blackberry jam or mild orange marmalade. Enjoy with fresh fruit and chewy whole-grain bread. Beverages - Oaky Chardonnay, California or Oregon Pinot Noir, or India Pale Ale


BellaVitano®, Black Pepper, Merlot, Raspberry, BellaVitano® Gold, Balsamic BellaVitano®, Espresso, Chai

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