Named for Switzerland's Emmental valley, emmentaler is widely recognized for characteristic holes the size of marbles, or even larger, that develop throughout the body of the cheese during the ripening process. Made with raw milk in old-fashioned copper kettles, emmentaler is traditionally made in 200-pound wheels and aged 10-12 months where it develops a waxy, light golden appearance and a tangy taste.


Light gold in color, with marble-size holes and a natrual light brown rind.


Medium hard cheese.


Distinctively nutty-sweet, mellow flavor.

Serving Suggestions

The cheese melts extraordinarily well, making it a popular choice for fontues, grilled sandwiches and baked dishes which include cheese. It can also be sliced and eaten plain, and is a popular inclusion on cheese plates.

Goes Well With

Chardonnay, Ice Wines, Pale Ale, Weiss Beer, wholegrain or wheat breads or crackers, poultry, pork, beef, vegetables, apples, pears, dried fruits and nuts.

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