A semi-soft washed rind cheese made from raw cow milk, Green Fields is carefully tended for 70 days then wrapped in a special breathable package for its journey from the creamery to the consumer. The name Green Fields is an ode to the pastures where the cows that provide the milk graze. The pastures are full of clover, dandelions and various grasses.


Green Fields is firm but supple.


Sweet nutty tones that vary with the seasons, Gren Fields has a savory, meaty flavor that has hints of sweet onions and toasted nuts.

Serving Suggestions

Great for melting, blending, in salad dressings, or at snack and meal-time on the family table. Flavors will vary subtly with the seasons.

Goes Well With

Chardonnay, Port, Madeira, Pilsner, Weiss Beer, Lager, whole grain or wheat braeds or crackers, water crackers, butter crackers, pears, dried fruits, chutney, olives and cured meats