Folded mint cheese originated in the Eastern Mediterranean region, but is now popular in many regions of the world. Folded mint cheese is firm with a texture similar to mozzarella. Mint leaves are incorporated into the cheese to give it a pleasant, refreshing flavor. It is packed either in individual packages or in brine. The individual packages can be shipped either frozen or refrigerated, but bulk pails must be kept refrigerated. The cheese has a 6- month refrigerated life after being thawed.


After the cheese has been boiled and folded, mint leaves are incorporated into it.




This cheese has a pleasant, refreshing taste.

Serving Suggestions

Usually stored frozen and has a six month refrigerated life after having been thawed. It can be heated without melting. Its heat resistant property comes from the fact that the fresh curds are boiled in whey and then placed in a brine solution for storage. The brine solution also makes this a long-lasting, but naturally salty cheese, and the brine is often rinsed off before the cheese is cooked or eaten.

Goes Well With

Ciders and fruit beers, pita or tortilla


Can be packed either in individual packages or in brine with bulk pails.

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