Made from pasteurized whole milk, this soft and pliable cheese has a full, earthy flavor. It takes more than 33 hours to hand make before it ever enters the aging room. Made in 10-pound blocks, it goes from the vat to a mold to a "purgatory" room (where it rests) to a brine room before being rolled into an aging cellar. There, it is hand-turned twice a week and washed with a ripening shmear. At 90 days old it is ready to be eaten.


Surface ripened and washed rind.


Soft and creamy texture, yet supple enough to slice, cube or melt.


Aged 60 days to ensure a full, earthy flavor.

Serving Suggestions

Combine cubed Italico™ with chopped asparagus and diced Roma tomatoes to create an elegant risotto. Melt thinly sliced Italico™ onto homemade ravioli; garnish with a red sauce and fresh basil. Create an elegant hot dip with melted Italico™ and artichoke hearts.

Goes Well With

Pair with pear and apple slices, almonds, crusty bread and your favorite red wine. Also pairs well with Bock, Polsner and Lager beers and poultry.

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