Queso quesadilla is a rich, creamy melting cheese which originated in Sinaloa in Northern Mexico. It made tortilla turnovers famous and gave them their name, "quesadillas." This versatile cheese can be used in many traditional Mexican-style dishes and in place of any melting cheese. It is a part of a major group of Hispanic melting cheeses.


Ivory, creamy


Semi-soft, excellent melting properties


Mild, creamy

Serving Suggestions

To make quesadillas, top tortillas with shredded or sliced cheese; fold in half and grill. Shred and use to top nachos or Huevos Rancheros. When used as a filling, this cheese does not run. Vary quesadillas by using shredded Queso Jalapeño cheese and raw shrimp blended in a food processor; add diced green onions and salt to taste. Spread mixture on corn tortillas, top with additional corn tortillas and chill till firm. Cook in a small amount of oil and serve hot. Try queso quesadilla on a taco pizza. Top a pizza crust with salsa, shredded cheese, taco meat, diced vegetables like red or green peppers, and olives. Substitute flour tortillas for pizza crust to make quick individual pizzas.

Goes Well With

Mexican-style dishes, fruit, chili peppers, salsa, poultry, pork, beef Fruity wines such as Riesling or White Grenache; sangria, margaritas


Queso quesadilla comes in 5-pound loaves, 5-pound bricks and 12-ounce packages. Queso jalapeño, a version of queso quesadilla with jalapeño peppers and spices, is also available. The hot spiciness of the peppers is perfect in this mild, creamy cheese.

Performance Note

Queso quesadilla, a natural cheese, resists separating into oil and solids when it is heated.

  Cold Surface Broil Oven (in recipe) Oven (surface) Direct Heat (in suspension)