Similar to cottage cheese, bakers is a softer, smoother and less tangy cheese with a relatively short fresh life. Close attention to the "best before" date is a must, and if the cheese gives off a somewhat bitter aroma, then it is no longer fresh. Keep refrigerated in its original packaging or in waxed paper.


No rind or bloom and often offer the bright whiteness of fresh milk.l


Soft and creamy.


Somewhat tangy fresh milk flavor.

Serving Suggestions

Soft cheeses should be served when young for their fresh tangy milky taste to be best appreciated. These cheeses should be served cold – take them out of the refrigerator just before serving.

Goes Well With

These creamy cheeses go well with crudités, fruit and flavorful specialty breads such as olive bread, multi-grain, flaxseed or herb breads. "Cream" type cheeses are a classic accompaniment to smoked salmon and bagels, as well great for making desserts. They go well with sparkling wines, champagne or light dry whites, served chilled. Red wines are too heavy.


Baker's cheese can be smooth or curd, with or without fresh cream, sweetened or not, flavored or not. Sometimes it is salted or lightly salted.