Lacy Swiss is so named because when sliced, the white to ivory colored slices look like lace. It is sometimes mistakenly called baby Swiss because it has a similar appearance. Both cheeses are marked by smaller and more prevalent holes compared to the traditional Swiss cheeses made in Europe, such as Jarlsberg, emmenthaler and gruyere. American-made lacy Swiss is a product with a significant difference in taste and ingredients. Like many Swiss varieties, lacy Swiss is made from cow milk. However, instead of being made from whole milk and occasionally cream, lacy varieties are made from lowfat milk and have a delightfully light and nutty flavor, but a lower calorie and sodium content than original Swiss.


White to ivory and when sliced looks like pieces of lace.


Mild flavor along the lines of a Montery Jack and provolone. It can have a very slight taste of nuts.

Serving Suggestions

Use lacy Swiss on deli sandwiches, to top hamburgers for patty melts (it melts very well, given its low fat content), or alone for excellent sandwiches.

Goes Well With

Chardonnay, Pilsner, Weiss Beer, whole grain or wheat breads or crackers, pears, grapes, dried fruits and nuts.