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Funded by Wisconsin's dairy farm families, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) works to maintain and build markets for Wisconsin-produced milk and dairy products nationwide, educate consumers about the quality and nutritional importance of milk and dairy products, and showcase the vital economic contribution that dairy makes to our communities and our state.



Wisconsin Dairy News

Watch our weekly dairy news segments which appear during local news broadcasts across Wisconsin.


What's Happening at WMMB?

  • What’s My Checkoff Doing for Me?

    Feb 20, 2017

    Kevin Walleser's WMMB Link Board column “What’s My Checkoff Doing for Me?” highlights the work we are doing on a national level with Regional Marketing Mangers across the country to ensure our Wisconsin cheese is available and identifiable in both retail and foodservice. Kevin’s column also discussed the changes and challenges happening in the dairy industry and to remember the checkoff is a significant resource for helping educate and communicate within the dairy industry and with consumers.

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  • Discovery Farms introduces- The WaterWay Network

    Feb 15, 2017
    The WaterWay Network is a peer-to-peer forum for Wisconsin and Minnesota farmers and crop consultants to share information and collaborate on topics related to water quality and soil conservation.

    With the WaterWay Network, which is password protected, allows farmers to interact with each other to contribute tips, share experiences and use information provided by others to continue managing their operations efficiently and sustainably. Discussion topics are prompted by experts, starting the conversation and giving users access to valuable information from other farmers, consultants, and Discovery Farms.

    Currently, registration is open to Wisconsin and Minnesota farmers and crop consultants. If you’re interested but aren’t sure if you qualify, reach out to see if there are ways you can be involved.

    Visit www.waterwaynetwork.org to register. 

    Questions? Contact Erica Olson at 715.983.5668 or eaolson4@wisc.edu.


  • February Wisconsin Dairy News

    Feb 03, 2017

    Butter Chocolate - Airs week of February 6th
    A local chocolatier in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is making bean to bar chocolate with a surprise ingredient from the dairy state. Find out how this special ingredient is making a creamier chocolate.

    Recycled Ag Plastics - Airs week of February 13th
    A collection program is keeping about 125 tons of ag plastic out of landfills every week. See how this new recycling program is helping Wisconsin farmers and the environment.

    Food Trends - Airs week of February 20th
    When it comes to food trends, the latest data confirms that what’s old is new again, and natural foods, like dairy products and cheese, remain strong consumer choices.

    Loaded Fries - Airs week of February 27th
    While consumers are demanding products with simple ingredients, they’re not willing to compromise on flavor and complex taste. One local restaurant is taking America's favorite side dish and making it extraordinary by adding Wisconsin cheese and a few other ingredients.

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