Funded by Wisconsin's dairy farm families, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) works to maintain and build markets for Wisconsin-produced milk and dairy products nationwide, educate consumers about the quality and nutritional importance of milk and dairy products, and showcase the vital economic contribution that dairy makes to our communities and our state.


  • Fall Issue Of Grate. Pair. Share. Available

    Nov 05, 2014
    The Harvest issue of Grate Pair Share, WMMB's online magazine is here with a fresh new look. Find tips for elevating your tailgate spread, Thanksgiving recipes from cheesemongers, soups and after dinner drinks and cheese pairings.

    "Happy Cheesegiving!" gives a fun twist to a distinct American holiday, highlighting cheese from cheesemongers and cheese shop owners. Pumpkin and mascarpone cheese make an amazing flavor combination and with recipes like Pumpkin Tiramisu and Pumpkin Cake roll with Mascarpone cream, it is sure to be a hit this fall.

    Tailgate Wisconsin-Style features recipes including Chipotle Cheddar Bacon Snack Mix, Beer Cheese Soup, Malted Chocolate Mascarpone Cupcakes and Mini Brat Reuben's. If you are looking to warm up while the cool fall weather sets in, try the variety of soups featured in this issue. Wisconsin Cheese is a great fit for all of the bountiful flavors of fall.

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  • November Dairy News

    Oct 23, 2014
    Butter Tarts - Airs week of November 3
    It's the time of year when thoughts turn to holiday celebrations and what to serve guests. We're offering a Last Course Sensation to make your holiday dinner a little bit sweeter!
    Horchata - Airs week of November 10
    Cream based liquors are becoming increasingly popular, and some Wisconsin businesses are capitalizing on that. We're visiting Monroe where one distillery is offering a variety of cream liquors featuring Wisconsin dairy. 
    Faith Milk Haulers - Airs week of November 17
    Nowadays, it's rare to meet someone who has had the same job for half a century. We meet one couple whose family business has run on more than fifty years of faith. 
    Play 60 Youth Football Outreach Camp - Airs week of November 24
    Football season is well underway, and one school in western Wisconsin is getting a little mid-season practice. We head to River Heights Elementary School for football camp. 

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  • October Wisconsin Dairy News

    Oct 02, 2014
    Pizza Brutta - Airs week of October 6
    October is National Pizza Month, and in honor of that occasion we stopped at a local business that keeps their ingredients local and sustainable. Check out the Neopolitan-style feast at Pizza Brutta.
    CALS Recruitment - Airs week of October 13
    As more and more generations are further removed from agriculture, the importance of recruiting non-farm students into agricultural careers is becoming a big focus at UW-Madison's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Meet two unique recruits involved in Dairy Science.
    Dairy Export Growth - Airs week of October 20
    Wisconsin agricultural exports are on the rise and taking root in places that may be surprising. See how Wisconsin cheese and dairy products are making a global impact.
    Mo-Dairy - Airs week of October 27During the month of November you'll likely see a bit more facial hair in an effort to raise awareness of men's health issues. We're highlighting MoDairy, part of the global Movember movement, in an effort to help the dairy farming community.
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  • September Dairy News

    Aug 29, 2014
    Mauel's Ice Cream - Airs week of September 1st
    In America's Dairyland we take our dairy products seriously, so when a company that produces one of the state's favorite frozen treats reaches a milestone, we're happy to shout about it! Join us as we meet the third generation of Mauel's Sunshine Ice Cream.
    Cow Cart CarverAirs week of September 8th
    A retired dairy farmer in Loganville is whittling a new niche for himself in the dairy industry. See how Phil Schroeder is building his new dairy herd.
    Kewaskum Fuel Up - Airs week of September 15th
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and one area school is making an impact with it. See how Kewaskum Middle School is Fueling up with their breakfast program!
    World Dairy Expo Impact - Airs week of September 22nd
    It's the most attended gathering of international dairy enthusiasts and it takes place in Madison, Wisconsin every year. Find out the economic impact that World Dairy Expo creates during this five-day event.
    Farm Art Dtour - Airs week of September 29th
    The rural rolling hills of Sauk County will once again become canvases for regional and national artists. Check out what's happening on the Farm Art DTour as part of this year's Fermentation Fest activities.
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  • August Dairy News

    Jul 30, 2014
    Meuer Farm to Table - Airs week of August 4th
    Much of the food that we eat gets its start on a farm of some sort. Meuer Farms offers local consumers the opportunity to learn about the foods they're eating, right at the farm.
    Mobile Cheese – Airs week of August 11th
    The mobile food truck phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down, and two cheesy options have joined the fray. We visit a grilled cheese cart and a mobile cheese curd truck that showcase some of the best Wisconsin has to offer.
    Herricks Discovery Farm - Airs week of August 18th
    For over a decade the UW Discovery Farms Program has been helping farmers implement the best environmental management practices suitable for their particular situation to get the best value from their farming operations. We visit the Herricks Farm to see what they're doing to preserve their land for future generations.
    Cheese Days 100th Anniversary - Airs week of August 25th
    Not every Wisconsin festival can boast being around for 100 years, but Green County Cheese Days can! You'll get a preview of some of the fun in store at this year's celebration.
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